Avatar for Terminal


The server of Terminal.ink
Avatar for Daikin Communities

Daikin Communities

We are a server with over 40+ members, where you can talk about anything. We also have a wallpaper channel, one radio bot, and more to come in the future.
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The official AdvaithBot server
Avatar for DuncteBot Team

DuncteBot Team

The home of DuncteBot and GhostBot
Avatar for Café 0131+

Café 0131+

Engaging politics/current events/daily life discussions with arts and memes to enjoy! Join today!
Avatar for Neko official

Neko official

The official Nekos.life server
Avatar for Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields

Totally not farming money
Avatar for Kyoko Discord Bot Support

Kyoko Discord Bot Support

Official Kyoko support server, with nice community.
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The personal server to AlexFlipnote
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The official BoobBot server
Avatar for ~Nya


This is the official guild of *Purr*
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The official KawaiiBot hangout server