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A Discord bot. Serves outdated ZimoNitrome videos.

Prefix: wednesday


A discord bot. Serves fresh ZimoNitrome videos.

See the sauce, or invite it to your server.

Note: Unmaintained and buggy as of 05/09/2018 (09/05/2018 if you're American), but still runs.


  • wednesday ping - Replies when it is online.
  • wednesday help - Opens this help message.
  • wednesday yt - Sends the latest ZimoNitrome Wednesday video.
  • wednesday ytrand - Sends a random ZimoNitrome Wednesday video.
  • wednesday stats - Gets information about the bot.
  • wednesday boot - Sends a random WednesdayOS startup message.
  • wednesday invite - Sends the invite link for this bot.
  • wednesday subscribe - Subscribe this channel to WednesdayBot messages.
  • wednesday unsubscribe - Unsubscribe this channel from WednesdayBot messages.


Subscription includes:

  • "it is wednesday my dudes" every wednesday
  • New ZimoNitrome wednesday video releases (based on the youtube playlist)

These messages are opt-in, and can be activated by the guild owner in a channel using the command wednesday subscribe